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PHOSAL® Series Phospholipid Solutions for easily made solubilization and emulsification
PHOSAL® 35 SB A phospholipid fraction containing 35% phosphatidylcholine in a liquid carrier. It is primarily a fill for soft gelatin capsules as a primary source of phosphatidylcholine. Triple the strength of ordinary lecithin, it is primarily used in soft gelatin capsules as a nutritional source of phosphatidylcholine.
PHOSAL® 53 MCT purified phosphatidylcholine in medium chain triglycerides.
PHOSAL 50 SA natural formulation of purified phosphatidylcholine in an oil carrier
PHOSAL 50 PG purified phosphatidylcholine in propylenglycol
PHOSAL® 75 SA Highly purified phosphatidyl choline (polyenylphosphatidylcholine PPC) in liquid carrier. It can be incorporated into soft gelatin capsules for the highest dosage of liquid PPC. The most concentrated nutritional source of phosphatidylcholine.
ALCOLEC® Series  
Alcolec GPC Pure glycerophosphocholine powder
Alcolec GPCX Pure glycerophosphocholine powder with flow conditioner
Alcolec GPC 85F Pure glycerophosphocholine in liquid carrier
Alcolec GPC Compound 50% glycerophosphocholine compounded for tableting
Alcolec PS 20P
Alcolec PS 40P
Alcolec PS 50P
Alcolec PS 75P
Highly purified Phosphatidylserine fractions for encapsulation, tablets and dry blends.
PHOSPHOLIPON® Series High Purity Phosphatidylcholine Fractions
PHOSPHOLIPON 85G Minimum 85% phosphatidylcholine in granulated form.
PHOSPHOLIPON 90G Pure Phosphatidylcholine (PolyenylPhosphatidylCholine)
PHOSPHOLIPON 80H Purified Phosphatidylcholine, hydrogenated for heat-resistance and powdery consistency
NATIPIDE® Series Instant Liposome Systems
NATIPIDE II Empty pre-liposomal gel to load easily loaded with active substances


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